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The impactful, stirring motto of ‘Aim Higher, Shine Brighter’ encapsulates the collective ethos centred on aspiration that forms the beating heart of Wath C of E Primary School. In Year 5, this desire to succeed, to break the proverbial glass ceiling, is nurtured as the children reach their penultimate year in primary education. We promise to deliver an immersive and inclusive learning environment in which the needs of each individual are identified, catered for and met. Additionally, we are committed to providing a holistic education for our children that affords opportunities to develop creatively, academically and morally. We aim to embed the fundamentality of resilience, aspiration and self-belief that will ultimately enable the children to thrive both within our school and as members of society.

Throughout the autumn term, Year 5 will be exposed to the almost philosophical question of ‘Is War Glorious?’ So that the children can formulate an answer of their own to such an ethically and morally challenging question, it will be framed in different contexts. Initially, the children will explore the question through the eyes of the plundering ‘North Men’: the Vikings. Is dying in combat to reach Valhalla the ultimate death, or have conceptions evolved over time?

Following the festive period, Y5’s gaze will be centred squarely on our bigger cousins ‘across the pond’. In our exploration of the geography, history, culture and customs of the United States of America, children will attempt to answer the question ‘Is Freedom Really Free?’ Through this question, we will look more at the sacrifices made by previous generation that ultimately paved the way for prosperity.

Finally, in the run up to becoming Y6s, the children will attempt to answer probably the single greatest question of humanity’s existence: ‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’. This is an existential question. What should we do if we are just a microscopic entity in a universe teeming with extra-terrestrial life? Similarly, what are the implications for us as a species if we really are unique, brilliantly flawed and, sadly, alone?

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