Maths Mastery

The purpose of the group

  • To gain a better understanding of what individual schools are doing to develop the new mathematics curriculum.

  • To work together and ensure that as a group of schools we have a clear, coherent approach to mathematics.

  • To share ideas, thoughts as well as resources through a network of schools.

  • To develop a consistent approach of the teaching of mathematics within individual schools as well as a group of schools.


Key discussions and actions

  • The Autumn term involved discussions around our view on mathematics, marking, planning and our current school climate when it comes to Mathematics.

  • As a group, we agreed mental maths strategies were something children across all our schools struggled with, therefore we started discussions around a concept of: “Stop Counting, Start Calculating”

  • The idea with this concept was to help children build strategies when solving mental maths questions, which involve using key skills they have, instead of resorting to things such as counting on their fingers.

  • An example: the calculation 20,000-999. A lot of children would use a column subtraction method to solve this. However, the group looked at ways to teach different strategies such as adding 1 onto the 999 and then taking it off the final answer at the end.

  • We took this concept into the classroom and tried it out for a few weeks, we found positive results and realised once children knew other ways, they were able to use them efficiently.

  • The spring term is based on assessment. As a team, we are looking at how to create a moderating system across a large number of schools.

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