Research and Development

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought,” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.

2015/16 Research

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2016/17 Research groups

Our school is a member of the James Montgomery Trust [JMAT]. A core principle of the trust is to maintain an outward looking approach to educational practice. Through collaboration with a range of partners, research is used so that innovative classroom practice gives the children the chance to achieve their potential.

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The Outcomes from 2016/17 Research groups

· There is a new reading assessment system which will be used across Jmat schools.

· The school uses a structured system of Lexile levels so that reading texts include appropriate challenge.

· The school uses project based learning based on questions the children will want to investigate.

· In mathematics, the children engage with challenge-based learning to apply their thinking in real-life contexts.

· Staff have a greater understanding of the qualities of the fast grasping pupils in mathematics and the learning behviours they show.

· There is an SEND offer written by all the Jmat schools.

2017/18 Research groups

This year, Wath C of E Primary School will be working with other JMAT schools and partners to develop the highest quality learning provision for the children.











2018/19 & 2019/20 Research Groups

Making the best use of teaching assistants using the EEF Research and the Framework for Scaffolding.

Chris Quigley’s curriculum research and long term memory.

Leading Teacher Research Groups with South Yorkshire Maths Hub.

Hertfordshire Reading Fluency Research.

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