Wath Cof E Extra Curricular Clubs 

At Wath CofE Primary School, we believe in an enriching education that develops the whole child as well as the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics. Clubs are a big part of this. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we haven't been able to provide clubs however we will endeavour to provide as broad a range of opportunities for the children as possible. They are listed below. 



  • A PHSE-focused recovery curriculum during Autumn 1 to redress the losses of Covid-19. 

  • Greater access to art and design technology learning during Autumn 1 to support pupil well-being. 

  • A remote Anti-Bullying session with the Anti-Bullying Company on 17.11.20. 

  • A broad range of PE activities with initial 'fit in 15' activities. 

  • Taking part in 'Hit the Ground Running' as local daily mile logging competition. 

  • History and science being part of the curriculum offer from Autumn 2. 

  • All classes focusing on safety during Autumn 2 in the PHSE curriculum, particularly internet safety.