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Sports Premium


PE and Games at Wath C of E

The myriad of positive impacts that sports and exercise have on pupils’ well-being, cognitive development, health and confidence are supported by extensive research. At Wath Church of England Primary School, we recognise the fundamental role that regular physical activity plays in children’s lives. As part of our commitment to ensure that all children lead a healthy lifestyle, active learning is at the centre of our pedagogy. This commitment to ensuring that physical activity and sports play an integral role in children’s lives is reflected in the school’s acquisition of the coveted Gold Mark Sports. Within all learning environments, across all curriculum subjects, the children are presented with frequent opportunities to engage in active learning. For children in Key Stage 2, the ‘daily mile’ is a regular aerobic event intended to develop children’s base fitness levels, improve health and wellbeing.

Alongside the active learning that is used across all Key Stages, a range of after school sporting clubs offer the chance for all learners to be active. Tag rugby, football, gymnastics, multi-sports, rounders and dance are but a few of the sports comprising the rich variety that the school offers. During breaks and dinner times, children are able to access a range of playground equipment. This equipment ensures accessibility to physical activity for all learners. Additionally, said sporting resources allow children to develop the self-confidence, teamwork and critical thinking skills that are enabled through sports. In addition to easily accessible sports equipment, organised events, such as the hugely popular class ‘Football Friday’, takes place weekly.

Excellence underpins all that we do at Wath Church of England Primary School. Sporting excellence is something that we aspire towards, entering competitions that range from orienteering to tag rugby. We strongly believe that being able to compete in sporting events develops qualities of resilience and industriousness. Recently, footballers in our school have represented us in both the locally renowned Totty Cup and Barlow Salmons Cups.  Proudly, a number of our sports teams have attained sporting excellence in sports such as basketball and hockey, going on to represent our school against other schools across Rotherham.    

Mr Logan 

PE Coordinator

Since 2013 our school has received funding to support the teaching and delivery of PE.


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PE Sport Premium

PE and Sport Premium 2019-2020

PE and Sport Premium 2020-21

Evidencing the impact of P.E and Sport Premium 21-22

Evidencing the impact of P.E and Sport Premium 22-23

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