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As part of our commitment to preparing children for lifelong learning, children have many technology experiences across the school. 65% of the jobs which our children will take in the future do not yet exist, therefore it is fundamental children are prepared to use a variety of technology proficiently.

Key stage 1 children are introduced to computational thinking and learn what algorithms are  and how we use them in day to day life. The understanding of this concept leads to coding through Ipad apps such as ‘Scratch Jnr’ and ‘Hopscotch’.


Lower key stage 2 children begin to understand the use of variables and inputs to create complex code. It is In these years children begin to create their own video games and animations using popular programs Scratch and Kodu.

Upper Key Stage 2 begin to code physical objects and in particular grasp a solid understanding of coding the BBC Microbit. Children learn how to create games, animations and music on this device, whilst making their code readily available for others to download.


Upper Key stage 2 are also introduced to Robotics in which they build, program and use their own Robot to compete with other schools across the country. We are very proud that we now have more Robotics teams across school than ever before.

Wath C of E Children understands the importance of e-safety and all its aspects. Children are taught how to identify suspicious emails and fraudulent websites whilst also identifying recognising safe online spaces for communication and play with peers.

Click the green flag below to play a times table game designed and coded by  a Year 5 Pupil!

Click the green flag below to play a fantastic maze game, which features coding technniques such as variables, motion and loops! Use the arrow keys to control the crab around the maze! Avoid the purple blocks!

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