Growth Mindset

Research over last 30 years has proved with the right mindset, our brains can become stronger. Effort, practice and challenge make our brains more powerful. Mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn rather than demoralising events. At Wath CofE Primary, we promote this mindset in our reward system, through classroom practice and collective worship as we believe it supports happy, motivated learners now and in the future.


This year, we have concentrated on praising effort through the effort meter. The children have become familiar with the language associated with our aim of exceptional effort whilst knowing why effort helps us in our learning. Also, we have used two ideas to help us be resilient. One part of this are the rules of resilience which have been generated by each class and provide us with strategies if we become stuck when we are trying challenging learning. To make our rules even more powerful, we use traffic light fans so the most confident learners can have discussions with their class mates who are in the learning pit. We are so excited when we help each other out. Now, we are working on making our pupil-to-pupil discussions high quality so they support the learning of anyone who is stuck but also help deepen the learning of the children who are confident.

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