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Worship Club

In the worship club, we investigate what worship means to children and how it helps us reflect on its messages. At weekly meetings, we discuss this as well as our prayer spaces and the Christian virtues of love, hope, peace, joy and forgiveness. There are two children from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 in our group.


Our Vision Statement

Our worship club works together as a team to ensure worship in its many forms has greatest meaning for all children.


  • We aim to make worship lively, engaging and meaningful.

  • We aim to listen to others and discuss comments and suggestions that would enhance worship at Wath Church of England Primary School.


What is the worship club?

  •  An inclusive, structured forum for discussion and decision making.

  •  A means for children to have a voice in relation to worship.

  •  A means to consult all pupils about worship.


How do I find out what happened?

Class representatives will feed back to their class as soon as possible. The main points of the meetings and the action plan are available on the school website.


What have we achieved?

  • Children taking more leading roles in worship.

  • A wider range of hymns being sung during whole school worship.

  • Christian virtues of love, hope, peace, joy and forgiveness understood through collective worship. 

Collective Worship Policy 2023-24

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