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Hi everyone! I am Mr Logan and I am really looking forward to teaching you next year. I thought I would write to tell you a little bit about myself, so we can start to get to know each other. I will start with my first passion….sport! I absolutely love sports, both watching and playing sport. I support Manchester United… the best team in the world!! (I know many of you may disagree). Visiting theme parks and riding fast rollercoasters is one of my favourite activities, although I haven’t been able to do it much this year…yet! I have two little girls, who I love to spend my time with at the weekends. We like to go for walks and days out. We also have a new member of the house, Peaches the rabbit, she is very cute but can be a bit naughty, biting things that she shouldn’t! As I said before, I am really looking forward to teaching all of you. I hope you like games, stories, singing and lots of fun! See you in September.

Mrs Vaughn 

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