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My name is Miss Ryan and along with Mrs Ball and Mrs Ashton we will be the adults learning with you in Year 2R. We have many exciting learning opportunities planned in Year 2 and we are so looking forward to being inquisitive learners with you. We will be learning from different questions, maybe you will have your own questions for us to investigate? Our first question in the Autumn term is ‘How far can you go?’ We will be learning about the human body and considering what an amazing thing it is. We will be exploring how to push and challenge ourselves and build up the resilience to becoming expert problem solvers! In addition to looking at ourselves we will explore people from the past and discover when, where and how Florence Nightingale challenged herself and learn about the impact of this many years later.

My personal love is teaching mathematics and seeing the children become creative mathematicians. In year 2 we learn lots of new maths skills but we also ask lots of questions about what we have found out and think about what else this mean in the big world of numbers!

I also love reading and I look forward to sharing some great stories with you next year! We will discover new stories together but this year we have enjoyed reading many Roald Dahl books along with World’s Worst Children which created many giggles and we loved the journey we went on with Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher.

Mrs Ball

Hi, I’m Mrs Ball and I have worked at Wath C of E for a number of years. I enjoy working in KS1 and look forward to meeting you all in Year 2! I enjoy spending time at home relaxing with my family and walking our dog.

Mrs Ashton

I feel very very lucky to be moving on to year 2 with such a fantastic group of children. Miss Ryan and Mrs Ball will be amazed at how brilliant, caring and funny you are.

Leaving the maths to the expert! I am really looking forward to learning about new people and new topics, creating lots of new pieces of art and listening to you read and sharing many new stories. I can’t wait to get started! You are the best- Team Y2R let’s go!!!