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Welcome to year 5!

Throughout Year 5, we endeavour to build resilience, confidence and a desire for learning in all children.  Through carefully chosen topics which we hope will engage the children, as well as exciting novels during guided reading, we want all children in Year 5 to reach their full potential. Through the vehicle of history, the children will explore the question ‘Is War Glorious?’ The quest to answer this philosophical question will be explored through the lenses of both the Roman Empire and the Vikings. As a research project, could you discover where these two great civilizations came from, what they believed, and why they are of any significance to us?

In the spring term, the children will turn their attention to the equally thought-provoking question ‘Is the Western World the same?’ In exploring this difficult question, the children will explore the human and physical geographies of Great Britain, Europe and the United States of America. To answer with clarity, the ‘land of the free’ will be studied to a depth that will expose the children to its culture, traditions and physical peculiarities. Our final topic, however, requires the children to gaze into space’s abyss in order to tackle one of humanity’s greatest existential questions: ‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’


I am an avid sportsman that has played representative rugby. Through my passion for fitness, I have helped to raise money for charities close to my heart, such as Help for Heroes. I am a lover of the outdoors and, wherever I can incorporate it, I try my best to bring my teaching to the world beyond the classroom walls. My degree is in history and philosophy. I love exposing children to philosophical questions that develop morality, ethics and values systems. For me, the commitment to developing good people is a fundamental part of an education that is robust and comprehensive. Family is the centre of my universe, and that which I hold most dear. The bulk of my free time is spent with my wife, my daughter and my wider family.