Writing is a core subject at Wath CofE Primary School. Basic skills like handwriting and spelling are taught rigorously so that the children become confident in these building blocks of writing. In Foundation, the children practise a range of activities which help them develop pressure and fine motor control. This is built on through Foundation 2 and into Year 1 and Year 2 where the children work on letter formation, shape and size. In KS2, the children develop joined handwriting and their own style. In spelling, children in Foundation and Year 1 improve their knowledge of phonics and the ability to spell a range of tricky words. From Year 2, the children build on earlier phonics work in Read, Write Inc Spelling. 


In writing units of work, children start by understanding the spelling, grammar and punctuation relevant to the text type they are studying. After this, they take this text apart [deconstruct] and then with the support of teacher modelling try to construct the children’s own version of this text type [reconstruct]. Where possible, writing tasks are linked to learning in history, geography, science or other curriculum areas to make them meaningful and consolidate the children’s curriculum learning. Writing progress is shown on the KS2, KS1 and Foundation writing walls around school where the children’s most recent piece of work is compared to an initial piece of writing. Currently, we are trialling using HP Reveal to bring our writing walls to life. Please have a look at this with an Ipad on the Year 4 writing wall.