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Mrs Thickett


Mr Burgin

Y6 is an exciting year for the children as they enter their last year in primary school. The year starts with a history project looking at both world wars and the key events, battles and people that defined them before moving on to a geography-based project looking at India and contrasting the lives of those living in the industrial sides of the city with those living in the slums. These units are both supported by fantastic novels: Letters from the Lighthouse and Broken Glass. The final term focuses very much on transition and exploring feelings through art as the children create sculptures to portray their emotions. There will also be an increasing number of leadership opportunities as we strive to develop the children’s independence and initiative. In science, the children will have plenty of practical opportunities as they explore electricity and light and shadow. However, they will also learn how to classify plants and animals as well as learning about evolution and how living things have adapted to suit their environment.

Throughout the year, there will be a number of sporting opportunities available including cross country, sports hall athletics, football, high 5, gymnastics, rugby and cricket as well as the opportunity to develop their computing skills through the Robotics Club. An exciting trip to Crucial Crew early on in the year will teach the children how to stay safe in a range of scenarios; however, the highlight of the year is undoubtedly the residential to Kingwood where the children will really learn to push themselves out of their comfort zone through a range of exciting activities. We are all really excited about September and the year ahead and we hope that you are too.

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