At Wath CofE Primary School our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum breadth, focusing on key knowledge and skills and designed with the needs of our children in mind. Central to our curriculum intent is our vision. This is outlined below.

Through our approach to the curriculum and its delivery, learning at Wath CofE Primary School is engaging.  We create a positive environment where children believe success is achievable for everyone and all learners can aspire to excellence safe in the knowledge that if they don’t succeed first time they have strategies to help themselves. Children develop a positive outlook towards all learning challenges on their journey towards reaching their potential as learners and as people with a focus on exceptional effort being what we should all expect of ourselves. We are inclusive and believe that every child has talents and these must be celebrated in a range of ways that shines a light on those talents across the school curriculum.

Wath CofE Primary School is rooted in the community. We have strong links with All Saints Church and other Christian groups in the parish but also give the children a broader appreciation of their community and what it is like to be a respectful citizen of the world in 2021. We believe in working closely with children and families, we can nurture children to be kind, positive, motivated, polite and confident. Through our Christian ethos, we aim to work in a supportive and caring manner with children and their families. Our vision is reflected in our motto, ‘Aim higher, shine brighter’ which was generated by the children and is at the heart of everything we do.

The children understand the five words of our vision through the Kevin Smith story which is unique to our school. Keven Smith attended our school only to leave after Year 6 and lost his life trying to help others on the Penlee Lifeboat.