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Foundation Subjects

The Foundation Subjects include science, ICT, design technology, PE, art, history, geography, RE, PHSE and modern foreign languages. We aim to promote curiosity about the world whilst teaching a range of subject-specific talents. The children learn skills which will prepare them for a technological future. In addition, children investigate our past, geographical features and the story of different places. Throughout the curriculum, the children think independently as well as developing team work skills like cooperation.

From Year 1 to Year 6, each project lasts a term with the first teaching historical knowledge, the second is geographical and the final project is linked to science although this runs throughout the year. Each project starts with a cold assessment of the children knowledge, is followed by a hook into learning then the teaching of knowledge, an end point assessment of the same cold assessment questions which have now been taught and a celebration of the learning. Last year, we begun having celebrations of learning which are socially useful linked to the environmental driver. In 2019, our Year 4 children organised a Colour Run Day linked to their health learning in science, raising a large amount of money for Wath Community Food Bank.

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