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Technology across the Curriculum

Air Server

This allows teachers to show learning on the interactive whiteboard which the children have completed as the children are learning. It enables staff to promote self-esteem by using great examples of current learning, for the children to assess their learning against the success criteria and to provide meaningful feedback to the whole class.

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Virtual Reality

We live in an ever changing world, where technology can take us to places we can’t easily visit. We are using VR technology as a stimulus to writing by

using worlds which are created through virtual reality for the children to explore and then write about. We are also going to use this in project learning in history and geography.

Core Skills

In addition, we use a range of web-based resources which are motivating and allow children to learn and embed core skills in number, spelling, vocabulary and phonics. These resources are used in school and some of them are used for home learning as well.

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Making Digital Choices

In  a range of learning opportunities, we like the children to have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate digital device for the task they are carrying out. This could be an Ipad, laptop or they may decide to use green screen technology. This means children are comfortable with making digital decisions.

Kahoot is another way in which we use technology to promote a love of learning across the school. Children create and play interactive quizzes to show their understanding  of a wide variety of concepts, whilst also building their confidence and promoting teamwork skills.



Children create interactive learning walls using web based programs such as padlet and this fuels creativity and enthusiasm across many subjects. It allows children to learn from one another and express their understanding of concepts in a variety of ways. Therefore promoting a greater depth of understanding to learnt concepts.

3D Printing

Children thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with equipment that is at the forefront of innovation and technology. Our school 3D printer allows us to innovate our curriculum into an engaging learning experience that is relevant to the children and their future employment. Children learn to become creative STEM thinkers and develop their problem solving skills through the use of such advanced technology.

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